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My business journey started at $30,000 per year to now having the ability to hire talented staff and grow into a profitable, specialist agency. After years of struggling, I finally discovered the steps required to transform inconsistent feast and famine income into a self-sustaining machine.

As a self-taught, self-employed developer and designer, I’ve experienced it all.

From nightmare clients, droughts of work lasting 4 months at a time (when I had a family to support) to spending nights staring at the ceiling and wondering if I’d made a horrible mistake by leaving my previous job.

Some days I’d spend all of my working days looking for job listings in my local area because I simply couldn’t take the stress anymore.

In fact, in the first year I started as a freelance software developer, I made $31,200 Australian dollars. One third of what I was making in my corporate job and less than minimum wage.

Over the next 4 years, I continued to struggle with inconsistent income, working with clients that were a poor fit and feeling overwhelming insecurity about my future.

Until after years of work, it all clicked and everything changed.

I finally escaped the anxiety and financial insecurity and am now in a place where I earn more than ten times what I made in my first year freelancing, all while creating work that I love and working with clients that respect and value my skills.

Now if I need high-value clients, I know EXACTLY what to do to find them quickly and consistently. I can simply turn the tap - without relying on referrals!

I want to share what I've learnt with you.

If you’re a freelancer looking to create your success, click the button below and I’ll share the EXACT steps I took to create an incredible tech business.

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